Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang isn’t new to winning.

When it comes to winning the Stanley Cup, he’s been there and done that. All-Star team selections? Check. Twice in consecutive seasons to be exact.

Letang’s latest accomplishment, however, is one that requires class and style over a stingy forecheck and defensive discipline. On Thursday, Letang was crowned the champion of Hockeyfreeze.com’s poll for best hair in the NHL.

Kris Letang voted best hair in NHL

Letang, 26, has been a trend setter since entering the league on a full time basis in 2007. His evolving hair style has garnered attention from internet fan forums, to All-Star media events.

But it wasn’t until Letang was declared the winner on The Freeze has he entered into a legendary status.

Letang earned the support of voters over candidates such as Henrik Lundqvist, Erik Karlsson, T.J. Oshie, Daniel Briere, and yes, Ryan Getzlaf. Even more impressive, Letang charged to popular success despite not being a candidate listed on the original ballot.

The Montreal native gained 38% of the popular vote as a write-in candidate. Of the three write-in choices, Letang was the only head of hair to attract more than a single vote.

Letang’s long locks have gained notoriety long before he captured this latest award. During an All-Star media event in 2012, fellow candidate Erik Karlsson acknowledged Letang’s great hair, telling the reporters who filled the room, “… He has a good flow, and I’m pleased to see someone else doing that style.”

When it comes to judging hair, Karlsson should know. The Senators defenseman finished a close third in the voting, trailing Letang and the balding Ryan Getzlaf.

Letang’s hair has turned into an iconic symbol of it’s own, warranting a Yahoo Answers question dedicated to finding out how to get hair like Kris Letang. And although most of the ladies who voiced their opinions in various blogs prefer a man with a shorter due, they overwhelmingly expressed their affection for him with whatever type of hair he so chooses.

Kris Letang voted best hair in NHL

With Twitter handles dedicated to his hair alone, Hockeyfreeze.com’s award for best hair in the NHL is now synonymous with the cultural style that Letang has set.